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Dialexia ajoute la technologie WebRTC à sa gamme de produit VoIP

Montréal, Canada – November 19, 2014

Dialexia Communications, Inc, a leading north american provider of VoIP software & business solutions, today announced the addition of WebRTC capabilities to its line of VoIP PBX software products, which will now provide real-time communications beyond the confines of the company – to any customer, partner or supplier with a WebRTC-enabled web browser. By adding the feature to its award-winning IP-PBX, softswitch & hosted PBX solutions, Dialexia aims to accelerate the adoption of WebRTC and enable new or exisiting customers with SIP-based VoIP infrastructures to quickly and easily deploy high-quality, reliable and secure real-time communications services without complex software development or network investment.

WebRTC integration allows enterprises and solution providers to offer reliable, professional VoIP web service in a manner that is quick, convenient and cost-effective. Dialexia PBX software routes WebRTC calls over private or public networks, adding high levels of security in the process. This in turn allows Dialexia customers to start offering WebRTC click-to-call on their websites without the need for additional investment in network infrastructure.

Mohamed El-Mohri, Chief Technology Officer at Dialexia, explains:  “When WebRTC is enabled on a company’s website, their customers can obtain voice support by simply clicking through to a service agent – no phones required. This integration makes for a customer care experience that is more simple, practical, engaging and personal. It also allows businesses to raise productivity levels, and to cut costs by avoiding toll charges on incoming calls.’’

In the weeks to come, Dialexia’s existing VoIP customers will be participating in a private beta trial, with general availability expected in Q1 2015.  For more information on Dialexia’s webRTC-enabled PBX software products, visit Dialexia.com

About Dialexia Communications Inc.

Dialexia is a Canadian telecommunications company and PBX software provider specialized in the development of VoIP business phone solutions for corporations, small & mid-sized businesses, solution providers & VoIP resellers. The company also develops customized PBX applications to meet the needs of clients in specific sectors, most notably education & hospitality.

Dialexia strives to offer innovative and reliable solutions to its customers, ensuring that their specific needs are met with well-priced, practical products. Founded in 2001, the company has grown to become an industry leader in custom VoIP solutions and one of North America’s top PBX software providers, serving customers from around the world.